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Products£ºOxalyl Chloride
Synonyms£ºOxalic Dichloride; Oxalicdichloride; Oxaloyl Chloride; Oxaloylchloride; Oxalyl Dichloride; Oxalic Acid Chloride; Oxalic Acid Dichloride; Ethanedioyl Chloride; Ethanedioyl Dichloride
Molecular Formula£ºC2O2Cl2
Molecular Weight£º126.9262
CAS No.£º79-37-8

Product details introduction
Usage£ºMainly used for sulfonylurea herbicides, pesticides, medicine and chemical synthesis of important raw material and intermediate, and polyamide, chemical luminescence agent, liquid crystal chemical ind

Chemical Materials
 Succinic anhydride
 Trimethylacetic anhydride
 Chloromethyl pivalate
 Methyl iodide pivalate
 tert-Butyl trimethylacetate
 vinyl benzoate
 Vinyl pivalate
Chemical Reagent
 Anhydrous Solvent
 Karl Fischer reagent
 Spectrometric analysis

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