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Advantage and specialty

We have perfect R & D, production, operation and management system to meet the diversified needs of customers;

Talent: Huajun has a perfect talent structure and echelon, which can provide customers with all aspects of efficient and high-quality services in R & D, production, trade, management and service;

In terms of Technology: Huajun has both close and loose R & D teams. Their capabilities and characteristics depend on the experience and experience accumulated in many unit reactions, which can provide high-quality and efficient technical services;

Production: our company has kilogram level laboratory and pilot plant, production workshops with different production capacity can meet the demand of different batch orders;

Sales: our company has established a sound marketing system, relying on the continuous investment in network, exhibition and print advertising, benefiting from the good cooperation and interaction of customers, the market share, economic benefits and corporate reputation have increased year by year, and the cooperation with well-known enterprises is increasing day by day;

Management: the company has established a sound quality management system, fully introduced ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system, continuously enriched and developed the corporate culture concept of "people-oriented, common development", and fully implemented the standardized operating procedures (SOP) in the R & D and production links.

reaction capacity

Redox neutralization esterification sulfonation acylation halogenation hydrolysis coupling condensation and distillation molecular distillation


1、 Laboratory

We can provide 1g-500gs products according to customers' requirements

2、 Pilot scale test

1l-20l glass reactor and distillation unit 1l-20l high purity distillation unit 50l-300l enamel and stainless steel reactor

3、 Production

The reaction volume is 500-3000gl, and the temperature can meet the chemical reaction between - 30-300 degrees. The vacuum degree of vacuum distillation equipment can reach 1-5mm, and the pressure of 10MPa 0.5-3.0m3 molecular distillation and distillation equipment system can be met by Hg autoclave

4、 Detection means and instruments

HPLC GC EA FT-IR ls-ms DSC UV moisture analyzer, etc